Alteryx Corporate Group Training Courses

Specialist data analytics training for corporate groups of  beginner and advanced levels
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Learn Valuable Skills
Tridant Alteryx training provides participants with new skills that can be implemented to improve their business.
Expert Trainers
Learn from the experts with a deep understanding of Alteryx and experience in using all features of the platform.
Hands-on Training 
Complete practical exercises in Alteryx and experience the software first hand whilst learning new skills on-the-go.
Recognised Certification
Gain certification in using all features of Alteryx with any of the three Tridant training courses.

Alteryx Training & Certification Support

Tridant instructor-led training courses are designed to equip new, beginner and advanced corporate group Alteryx users with hands-on data analytics skills to deliver deeper business insights into their organisation, fast.

The comprehensive 2-day courses are suitable for corporate groups containing staff who currently work with or analyse data, including business analysts, data analysts and developers.

Tridant also provides custom-designed training courses, tailored to drill into and address the specific challenges and requirements of your team and organisation.

All course sessions are delivered by Alteryx-certified expert trainers at Tridant.


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Alteryx Fast Start Package


5 day course |  Mentoring on your data creating business solutions
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Course Features:
Setup and install Alteryx Designer
Product training, best practise, tips and techniques
Co-build workflows
Geospatial analysis
Predictive analysis
Overview of Alteryx Server


Alteryx Beginner

2 day course | Limited Seats
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Course Features:
Introduction to Alteryx Designer
Reading & Writing Data
Data Types
Conditional Expressions
Data Blending
Formula Expressions Basics
String Expressions
Advanced Data Preparation
Preparations for Calculations
Formalize Output with Reports
Building Solutions and Tools (Basic)

Alteryx Advanced


2 day course | Limited Seats
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Course Features:
Connect to Data Sources
Introduction to Predictive Analysis
Building Solution and Tools (Advanced)
Introduction to Spatial Features
Alteryx Server Administration
Alteryx Gallery Management
Better Data with Alteryx Connect
Predictive Modelling with Alteryx Promote

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