Know your workforce, inside and out
Keep track of of transfers, planned hires, skills, attrition, part-time versus full-time, contingent workers and more.
Pinpoint and address workforce hotspots
Identify areas for opportunity or uncover concerning trends before they grow into larger issues.
Drill down to metrics that matter
Monitor and analyse costs, see unfilled positions and break down your workforce geographically using easy-to-use dashboards.
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Build Agile Workforce Plans

Today’s evolving business environment requires agility - and Tridant’s APAC Workforce Planning application delivers.

Quickly course-correct, and use dashboards and dynamic reporting to monitor and analyse costs, view open positions, and break down the geographical mix of your workforce

Give your team current and forecasted data as well as metrics for recruiting, training, transfers and attrition.

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Make Workforce Planning a Team Effort

Workforce planning should be a team effort between HR and finance, and their business partners.

Tridant’s APAC Workforce Planning application provides the framework, shared data, and workflow to enable greater collaboration on dynamic, flexible workforce plans.

Easily share plans as they develop via dashboards and self-service reports to get feedback and buy-in from all stakeholders.

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Model all kinds of workforce scenarios

Today, workforce planning means more than simply planning for headcount. It means placing the right people, in the right role, at the right time. Not an easy task, right?

To plan successfully you need to answer tough questions like:

Given our strategic initiatives, what capabilities do we need to hire or develop?
Where will the supply of candidates come from?
How do we better align our people to our business?

While the questions get harder, and are asked more often, your workforce planning tools have remained the same, forcing you to rely on disparate spreadsheets and juggle multiple systems.

To achieve your workforce goals, you need a single secure source for your planning analytics and transaction needs. One that allows all stakeholders to collaborate and provides deep insight into your workforce composition, actuals versus plan, and key performance indicators.

And that's precisely what you get with Tridant’s APAC Workforce Planning application.

For example, let's say you want to see your actual year-to-date hiring against your plan. Tridant’s APAC Workforce Planning application interface gives you access to granular information on current workers and open positions. Data like worker name, position, job profile, level, and more are drawn directly from the application.

Building your ideal workforce starts with smarter planning – and Tridant provides the workforce planning capabilities you need to achieve your business goals.
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