Tridant’s Staff Augmentation Service Allows IT and Finance Managers to Source Qualified Resources on Demand 

In today’s competitive marketplace for analytics and enterprise planning, the pressure on IT and Finance departments to meet critical project deliverables within budget is increasing. One of the greatest concerns of IT and Finance Managers is finding qualified people at a competitive rate. Developing these specialist skills in-house can be cost-intensive and risky. And hiring people in the traditional way may take too long to deliver the project on time. Often, companies need a specialist for a specific period.

Tridant’s Staff Augmentation Service provides an excellent solution for IT and Finance Managers because it is part of the Tridant network and built to deliver and oversee a team of analytics and planning experts deployed on demand. 

As one of the most trusted IT consultancies in the Asia-Pacific region, Tridant has established a reputation for delivering a unique blend of deep domain expertise across Analytics, Enterprise Planning and Forecasting by combining  outstanding customer service with modern technologies.

Our extensive experience in designing and implementing technology solutions combined with our Staff Augmentation Service enables organisations to focus on their core deliverables. The Staff Augmentation Service provides IT and Finance Managers access to skilled experts working as part of their internal teams, not only to complete projects to specifications and on time but also deliver outstanding results.

What does Tridant’s Staff Augmentation Service include?

  • Understanding your business environment and needs.
  • A seamless on-boarding experience for all technology resources from an operational, training and industry knowledge perspective.
  • Management and support of technology team needs and capability requirements.
  • Full recruitment selection process, background screening, hiring, and payroll.
  • A guarantee of replacement resource if needed.
  • Capacity to handle a large number of requests
  • Dedicated account manager

What are the benefits for IT and Finance Departments?

  • Flexibility to quickly ramp up staff on demand in busy periods to address short-term projects.
  • Minimal hiring formalities, which result in saving valuable time.
  • No additional expensive and time consuming payroll duties
  • Flexibility to downscale resources depending on requirements, which means reducing costs.
  • Integration of OnDemand resources with existing processes can be easier than managing outsourced teams..
  • Control over workforce resources and the overall project outcome remains in the company.
  • Effectively fill project gaps with specialised skills, which means projects become more efficient and generate better results.
  • Having a single-source service partner for all team and project needs.

If you want to bring in specialised resources that can deliver meaningful results quickly in a flexible arrangement, we would love to hear from you. You can trust Tridant to deliver the best outcome as your single point of contact.