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Leveraging data to accelerate customer experience for Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania needed to transform vast amounts of data into valuable insights that would empower fact-based and customer-centric decisions.

The challenge was to create a self-service business intelligence solution that delivered timely, accurate and relevant data to all users and stakeholders. The solution needed to enable Spirit of Tasmania to make informed strategic decisions, particularly to optimise the customer experience of their passengers, from booking to voyage to arrival. 

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Spirit of Tas Case Study

Sneak Peek: Watson Assistant with Salesforce & Zendesk

IBM recently launched its latest Watson Assistant beta release – integrating Watson Assistant with Salesforce and Zendesk – making it easier for businesses to integrate and connect to their customer service platforms, improving customer experience with AI. Read more

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A Day in the Life: Self-Service Finance

This 2 min video shows how a large, detailed finance P&L report addresses insight requests in Cognos Analytics, gets enriched with target data, and is quickly converted into a compelling dashboard with actionable insights. 


60-Min Investigation: Building a Chatbot

Chatbots, also known as Virtual Assistants, are entrenched in the marketplace with many people having interacted with a chatbot in some way or other. It may have been to quickly check your superannuation balance, request the service hours of a business, or learn the release information of a new product. All engagement comprising an essential part of the customer journey. Read more



Data & Analytics: Discovery Session

Whether used to support initiatives, or enable capabilities to be more competitive, leveraging data can help organisations achieve a real and sustainable competitive advantage, and lead to overall business transformation. The key is to establish a Data & Analytics road map.

At Tridant, we can help you identify:

  • Data and granularity vital to your efficiency and performance 
  • How, where and when information should be made available
  • Appropriate data management and governance processes
  • Projects prioritisation, based on the best ROI
  • Best alignment of data to your overall organisational strategy
  • An efficient Data & Analytics infrastructure that meets both current and future needs, today.


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