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Understand how to get maximum value from a BlackLine solution, in the shortest time.
What can BlackLine do for you?
Discuss how this technology can be harnessed specifically to meet your business needs and goals.
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We’ve successfully implemented 50+ BlackLine solutions across Asia-Pacific.

The easy approach to accounting modernisation, for improved efficiencies

Tridant will identify areas of your current finance and accounting practices that are letting your business down, and offer effective solutions to improve productivity and efficiencies.

The Modern Accounting Playbook will identify the quickest, most practical path to transformation based on your current and future business needs.

Through a powerful combination of cloud-based technology, process automation and superior functionalities, this revolutionary software will help achieve streamlined, transparent, efficient financial close activities.

Join us for a free business discussion to hear why more businesses of all sizes are turning to BlackLine for the continuous improvement of their accounting and finance practices.
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Built with flexibility in mind, so you can scale as you grow!

Avoid complex, costly and time-consuming setups. Beyond the initial implementation of core functionality, we’ll demonstrate how the cloud-based architecture underpinning this technology offers ultimate flexibility and scalability. BlackLine provides options to automate more areas and add extra functionalities as your business evolves.

This flexibility enables businesses to respond quickly and effectively to changes and challenges, and operate strategically for ongoing success and future growth.
Free Business Discussion
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Modernising your accounting functions will transform your entire business

BlackLine's MAP is built based on the real-life experiences of the world’s leading companies, as they have undergone their own journeys to modernise finance approaches.

A Tridant business discussion will equip you with the knowledge that will empower you to implement the most effective BlackLine solution for your business, and optimise its many benefits, including:

Hassle-free implementation
BlackLine MAP offers a straightforward implementation plan, as well as recommending pre-configured settings.
User-friendly training tools are provided as standard, tailored for different roles including accountants and administrators.
Faster closing
Accelerate the time associated with month-end and year-end closing, by streamlining the process through automation.
Increased efficiency
Balancing workloads and automating high-volume tasks will yield countless productivity gains.
Continuous improvement
Monitor processes over time to identify additional areas for improvement, and ramp-up functionalities and automation accordingly.
Enhanced visibility
Enjoy real-time visibility into close progress and financial outcomes, in support of informed strategy development.

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Whatever stage you are at on your finance transformation journey, BlackLine's MAP  can improve your accounting approach and your business for the better!
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