Improve efficiencies
Learn how you can automate and streamline your accounting processes to save time and improve productivity.
Scale as you grow
Discover how BlackLine's cloud-based architecture offers ultimate flexibility, with options to gradually add extra functionalities and scale-up automation.
Learn from the experts
Gain insights based on Tridant’s vast experience in successfully developing and implementing BlackLine solutions for countless clients.

What you'll gain from this free guide...

BlackLine's Modern Accounting Playbook (MAP) technology has been developed to enable modern accounting, based on actual learnings from the world’s leading companies. 

Expertly-curated over time, BlackLine's solution is based on the transformation journeys of countless businesses as they have worked to adopt leading practices and modernise their own finance functions.

In this guide, the Tridant team outlines how BlackLine's software helps businesses identify areas for improvement in their current finance practices. We share insights on how this transformative, Gartner-recognised platform can help every type of business to achieve streamlined, automated, transparent accounting processes.

Learn how to implement and optimise the benefits of this essential modern accounting solution, in the shortest time frame. In this free guide, you’ll discover how BlackLine can help your finance and accounting teams to:

  • Enjoy ease-of-adoption, thanks to user-friendly staff training  
  • Get the best out of the platform’s core functionality, and continue to expand its use as your business evolves
  • Utilise cloud-based technology for easy implementation
  • Continually modernise practices for ongoing improvements and increased efficiencies
  • Benefit from enhanced visibility over your financials
  • Respond quickly and effectively to changes and challenges
  • Operate strategically for ongoing growth and success
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