The Power of the Sparkline

Zachary Anstee July 09, 2020
These small, data-dense graphics are often overlooked when representing data-heavy reports. Sparkline charts are perfect for representing the data intense in a simple and succinct word-sized graphic, adding context and value to even the blandest of ...
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Covid-19 Economic Impact – Analysis with Power BI and Snowflake

Hemasri Chappidi July 02, 2020
In June 2020, the International Monetary Fund reduced its quarterly outlook to forecast slower economic recovery than previously expected from the Covid-19 pandemic.
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60-Min Investigation: Building a Chatbot

Zachary Anstee June 25, 2020
Chatbots, also known as Virtual Assistants, are entrenched in the marketplace with many people having interacted with a chatbot in some way or other. It may have been to quickly check the balance of your superannuation, request the service hours of ...
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Sneak Peek: Watson Assistant with Salesforce & Zendesk

Kanul Wadhwa June 18, 2020
IBM recently launched its latest Watson Assistant beta release – integrating Watson Assistant with Salesforce and Zendesk – making it easier for businesses to integrate and connect to their customer service platforms.
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Benchmark Testing of Snowflake using Tableau

Oswald Almeida June 10, 2020
I investigated the performance of Snowflake on data sets of various sizes like TPCH_SF1 (approx. 6 million rows) and TPCH_SF10 (approx. 60 million rows) using Tableau. The benchmark test was conducted to assess timely access to business data through ...
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Introducing Tableau Metrics – 5 Great Functions in Tableau 2020.2

Raymond Chan June 02, 2020
We all know how much effort it takes to update Tableau Server when a new version is launched: planning for the update, creating backups of the server, notifying users for the downtime, perhaps also testing the update in a testing server prior. The ...
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Oracle Construction Technology Summit 2019

Tridant March 06, 2019
Last month, Tridant sponsored and attended the Oracle Construction Technology Summit in Melbourne. The two-day event focused on the digital transformation occurring in the construction and engineering industry and highlighted some of the emerging ...
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Tableau celebrates Valentine’s Day with its first update in 2019

Raymond Chan February 25, 2019
I was in Perth last week delivering a public Tableau training session. As I presented the capabilities of Tableau 2018.3 to the students and introduced it as the latest version, one of them enthusiastically remarked, ‘Hey Ray! Tableau has ...
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Plan, Optimise, Visualise with the IBM Platform

Tridant November 30, 2018
With an aim to address the power of analytics and empower business leaders, Tridant partnered with IBM to discuss the benefits of the IBM Analytics Platform and highlight the latest release of Cognos 11.1. The Plan, Optimise and Visualise event that ...
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When Outsourcing Your Support Function Makes a lot of Cents

Tico Le November 16, 2018
If you are like most IT Business Application Managers, you have experienced sleepless nights because you worry about the on-going support of your business-critical systems. You can most probably relate to this list of concerns:
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