Adaptive Insights Ages Like a Fine Wine

by Alyssa Brennan

Adaptive Insights 2017.2 Release

When tasting wine, we often look for clues to give us a deeper understanding of our indulgence. Colour can speak of boldness and depth while the nose can provide insight to intricate flavours of fruits and spices. We can know all these things before we ever have a taste.

Similarly, in the Office of Finance we also look for signs to tell us what we will soon be experiencing. Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) tools can give us a sixth sense when predicting the financial performance for our organisations.

Adaptive Insights is the world’s leading cloud CPM and BI provider. Designed for business users, it is no surprise that Adaptive is ranked #1 in usability. The solution caters for collaborative and comprehensive forecasting that can reduce cycle times by up to 90%. Easy self-service reporting is like an open bar of information to help answer tough questions such as “Will we meet our quotas this year?” or “Which acquisition will be more profitable?”.


The Active Planning Breakthrough


This year may be one of the best years for Adaptive yet – a praiseworthy vintage indeed. Below are a few of the many upgrades we are looking forward to in the June 2017 release.

  • New formula enhancements allow for users to grab any piece of data in the model more efficiently than before, and even allows them to reach into different versions of the model.
  • Customised calendars are available for those who plan at time granularities apart from months such as days, weeks, seasons, semesters, or any other period of choice.
  • Adaptive Discovery has a new user interface that makes creating dashboards and analysing KPI’s easier and faster than ever.
  • NetSuite Saved Searches can now be leveraged to pull in data directly from NetSuite using Adaptive Integration. This allows folks who run NetSuite ERP to import data tagged with custom segments, which is not yet available in NetSuite’s API.

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Adaptive continues to enrich their already full-bodied solution with additional enhancements year after year to help Finance teams deliver accurate, more strategic results. The time and costs saved by streamlining FP&A processes with Adaptive creates unprecedented value to suit any palate.

Tridant is a multi-vendor, certified Adaptive Insights partner that specialises in delivering unified planning, reporting, and analytical solutions for organisations of all sizes and maturity. We help our clients use data to make better business decisions. If you’re interested in a taste of what Adaptive and Tridant bring to the table, reach out today for more information by contacting me on the details below.


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Alyssa Brennan

Alyssa Brennan

Alyssa is a Practice Lead for Performance Management at Tridant. She has 6+ years experience with leading Corporate Performance Management tools and insights on how those tools are leveraged within various industries. She serves as an unbiassed advisor for financial performance management.

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