Cognos Analytics 11.0.3 – Taking Dashboard for a spin

by Jared Innes

Cognos Analytics 11.0.3 has been released.

Of note are support for the data sources Denodo, MongoDB and Sybase ASE.

With the new release I thought I’d take dashboard for a spin. I started by uploading my data in this case 2 csv files.


It is as simple as selecting the columns to be included and defining which columns are measures to be summarised.

I created a new dashboard, picked a template and was away.


Dashboards can be constructed in multiple ways. If you know upfront how you’d like to display your data you can add a visualisation and then populate it. Alternatively, you can leave it up to dashboard by adding data items directly and a visualisation will be displayed. You can also use the search menu to create a visualisation based on a question or a statement.





















I added my data, tried various visualisations, tweaked some palettes and aligned all the objects. My dashboard was complete!


Next I was keen to have a shot at an infographic. Having been intrigued when first opening dashboard, I was eager to see what was possible.


Dashboard includes an extensive library of graphics to aid in the construction of infographics.


As with my dashboard, I was able to quickly construct the infographic with objects nicely snapping to size for easy scaling and making use of predefined palettes for an effective end result. I finished off with a Data Player object to enable the infographic to cycle through the data set.


The end result…an interactive infographic that cycles through the glorious peaks of Tasmania’s South West Wilderness.


It is excellent to see the direction Cognos Analytics is headed and I eagerly await the continued enhancements in future releases.

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