Data Driven Alerts Now Available With Tableau 10.3

by Raymond Chan

One of the most exciting things for a Tableau user to do is download and test out the new features added in the application’s frequent updates.

Tableau 10.3 has been just released for Desktop and Server and we have listed down some of the most interesting new functions.

Data driven alerts are now available with Tableau 10.3:

One feature that has been often requested by Tableau Server owners is the ability to receive smart notifications when performance reaches a certain user-defined threshold.

Tableau has listened to the community and delivered Data-driven alerts in its newest update, Tableau 10.3.


Tableau 10 1


Within a few clicks, users can define the:

  • Alert condition: The condition that triggers the alert, such as when your sales are performing under a threshold
  • Frequency: The number of times an alert can be triggered. This depends on the level of detail in your view, however, it can be weekly, monthly, daily etc...
  • Recipients: Who will receive the email alert.


This new update also brings other smart features such as:

1 - Smart table & join recommendation:
Tableau now uses Machine Learning to recommend database tables and joins to use based on your organisation’s usage metrics.


Tableau 10 2


2 - PDF Connector:
A new connector that allows you to directly import tables within your PDF files instead of converting them or manually typing them in an Excel file.


Tableau 10.3 3


3-  Tooltips Selection:
Understand relationships in your data faster by easily selecting categories from your tooltips and identifying related marks in the view.


Tableau 10 4

Selecting the “Above Median” category shows all marks with a value higher than the median.


4 - And more:
Click here to see the full list of new features.


How to update to Tableau 10.3:

  1.  Tableau Desktop: If you only using Tableau Desktop in your organisation, simply download the latest installation file here, open it and follow its instructions.
    Please note that once opening and saving existing dashboards in 10.3, you will no longer be able to open them in any older versions of Tableau. It is therefore important to be cautious  when sharing dashboards to other users.
  2. Tableau Server: Updating Tableau Server is a harder task, especially when working with multiple server nodes, and needs to be properly planned in order to avoid any data loss and security leak.
    Tridant offers Tableau Upgrade services, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at
  3. Tableau Online: If you are using Tableau Online, it should have been already updated automatically by Tableau. In this instance, you will just have to update your desktop copy to stay in synch.


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