From the University Classroom to Tridant: My Internship Experience

by Lisa Sutherland

My internship at Tridant began with an application for the 'Work Integrated Learning' program through Monash Professional Pathways. The program seeks to assist students to develop their employment skills and gain professional experience outside of the classroom and appealed to me as a great opportunity to gain industry insight. Positive experiences from previous students also motivated me to apply for the program.

The application process involved an appointment with a careers advisor to ensure my credit eligibility, a written application outlining my motivations and interests, an online video interview with Monash Professional Pathways and an in-person interview with Tridant.

Before too long, I arrived for my first day at Tridant, where I was given a warm and friendly welcome by the team, briefed on upcoming events and projects and created my Tridant e-mail signature.

I have held a variety of part time jobs in the past, however the exposure this placement has provided me to a professional work environment - and specifically a marketing one within a Data Analytics company - has been invaluable. From getting a better appreciation of email etiquette to getting a deep dive understanding of the CRM system Hubspot, the supportive environment of Tridant has facilitated my learning process every step of the way, with patience and enthusiasm.

One of the projects I worked on during my internship at Tridant was Tridant’s September Data Analytics events. The experience gave me the opportunity to learn about a variety of applications such as Eventbrite, MailChimp, Canva and WordPress, as well as the steps taken in the planning and execution of lead generation events. Hearing positive feedback at the conclusion of the events was greatly satisfying too!

Learning about different software applications and their particular functionalities has also been an exciting part of interning at Tridant. Gaining insight into platforms such as Hubspot Sales, Watson’s Analytics for Social Media and Anaplan has given me invaluable knowledge of the value that Data Analytics brings to an organisation’s decision making capability.

Lastly, Tridant's strong and supportive culture has left me motivated and inspired as I prepare to graduate within the next year. The team's friendly and can-do attitude has left me with a positive impression of what a corporate work environment can be, as well as an attitude that I will happily apply to my future endeavours.

Tridant have previously hosted a series of Monash interns and therefore the transition process between Monash and Tridant was smooth and easy. If you have the opportunity to apply to Monash Professional Pathways and incorporate an internship into your university course, do it! I have found my two and half months at Tridant to be an invaluable experience which will undoubtedly aid me in my future career.

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