IBM Releases Cognos Analytics 11.0.8

by Jared Innes

With the latest release of Cognos Analytics, mapping has truly arrived.

In release 11.0.8 you can:

  • Create fully featured maps in reports
  • Plot latitude/longitude
  • Combine region, point and latitude/longitude layers on a single map
  • Customise the output through the extensive formatting properties available


15,000 Airbnb listings

We could think of only one way to fully test the new latitude/longitude functionality….on our bikes of course!

Team Tridant mountain biking squad worked tirelessly all weekend ensuring best practice data capture, extraction and information management.

After our rides, we uploaded our GPS data, created a Data Module and plotted our routes.

Saturday – Downhill rollercoaster 11,000 GPS points

Sunday – Up and down loops 15,000 GPS points

Cognos Analytics Mapping

Apart from a few speed discrepancies (looked a little low to me!), we were able to plot our rides using the highly detailed Outdoor Map Style with the ability to colour and size every point captured by our GPS.

It’s excellent to see these continuous improvements in each release of Cognos Analytics and we look forward to making full use of the new mapping capabilities. IBM are listening and as always we’re eager to see what’s coming next.

For further information on the new release, please take a look at the following links or contact us at

11.0.8 Overview

Latitude & Longitude Maps

Refining Map Locations


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