IBM Watson Analytics – What now?

by Ian Koegelenberg

If you are an existing IBM customer chances are that IBM has contacted you, offering you free access to Watson Analytics along with some training. If they haven’t… well then don’t hesitate to contact us. In any event, let me briefly summarize Watson Analytics.

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Watson Analytics is a smart data discovery service available in the cloud, guiding data exploration and accelerating time to insight. It aims to deliver analytics to everyone, and a typical activity flow follows this pattern:

  • Upload your data
  • Explore your data
  • Predict your data
  • Assemble your story

This is great because now everyone is unchained from the typical constraints of the environments that we operate in. Everyone is an Analyst, hurrah!!

But alas, you find yourself asking the following questions:

  • “How do I use Watson Analytics, and what’s the purpose?”
  •  “I have gained some insight, but now what do I do? “
  •  “I can’t upload my data because the server is in the US and data sovereignty permits me from doing so. How do I get around this?”
  •  “The out-of-the-box predictive algorithms are great, but how can I tweak them?”
  •  “The Data Quality functionality is cool, how can I implement this on larger data sets?”
  •  “How can I get more out of Twitter posts and relate them churn?”

Accelerated time to insight is great, but turning a hypothesis into hardened business process delivering organisational excellence is the next step.

Advanced Analytics is data driving decision making. Contact us if you would like to have a chat about Watson.

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