Protect your connection between ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise & your BI with Integeo’s Map Intelligence

by Grace Kelzi

Are you a current Esri ArcGIS customer that has implemented a BI tool connector within your organisation? If so, please take note.

From February 2019 onwards, Esri has announced that it will be dropping its support for Cognos (IBM), MicroStrategy and Business Objects (SAP) integrations. In fact, Cognos and MicroStrategy integrations have already been listed as mature and are no longer available for download on the company’s website. The Business Objects integration has been marked as a retired product and incompatible with their current support offerings.

How did this come about? Esri have launched their own BI tool: Insights. It’s a web-based, data analytics workbench that explores spatial and non-spatial data.

While this tool may be beneficial for smaller companies operating a silo-approach to their departments, this solution may be lacking for companies wanting a proven integrated inter-departmental approach to their data analytics solution.

In today’s competitive and constantly evolving marketplace, it is becoming more apparent that companies need to create a single source of truth for their enterprise. Successful companies no longer share different long term goals and priorities within each department, rather, seek to create unified collaboration focused on one strategic goal. In fact, silo BI environments have recently come under significant criticism for impeding productivity and flexibility within the workplace, particularly with regards to data integrity. When multiple in-house silos operate from the same data sets, content will likely differ between departments and consequently hinder effective decision-making capabilities. The important question to consider is why would you spend additional money to purchase a new solution without a proven track record when you already own a world class best-in-breed BI tool?

Integeo’s Map Intelligence protects a company’s current investment and eliminates the potential for additional license costs. It does this by facilitating an adapter/bridge to ensure Esri ArcGIS continues to work with Cognos, MicroStrategy and Business Objects. Further Map Intelligence can also connect ArcGIS with both Tableau and Qlik. This provides a centralised platform for all BI and mapping combinations and a more unified, accessible and consistent view of the company’s data.

If you are wanting to discuss how Map Intelligence can generate cost and time savings within your organisation, please fill out this short questionnaire and a representative will be in touch with you shortly to discuss next steps.

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