Marketing Collaboration & Content Management Made Easy

by Grace Kelzi

Whether you are a team of 10 or 10,000, working efficiently on many files and complex, simultaneous projects is no easy task in an increasingly mobile and office-less world.

Throughout the past 10 years, Tridant’s Marketing team has grown at a rapid pace, the number of campaigns has risen, and the use of external stakeholders such as agencies, video production and graphic designers has increased with the expansion of our multi-channel delivery. As a result, it became paramount that we get everyone on the same page with a content management solution that enabled easy and rapid access to files anywhere, any time and from any device.

Creating and approving assets via email and SharePoint was becoming increasingly onerous and lacking a single source of truth for the team. Numerous shadow file sharing tools had sprung up as users attempted to work around limitations, and various difficulties arose as a result of the restricted access to documents on various operating systems such as Mac and Android.

Box proved to be the answer, providing Tridant's marketing collaborators the ability to access, edit, and share a wide range of digital assets through a single, simple to use, cloud based document sharing environment that worked seamlessly across a range of operating systems and hand held devices.

The benefits of implementing this file sharing tool were immediately obvious.  Campaign and project delivery times improved significantly due to the real-time exchange of information and the ability to access data through any device, at any time and in any location. Box has been fundamental in streamlining the team’s operations by providing a unified platform for internal and external stakeholders to collaborate on.


Box and Tridant

For example, Tridant recently moved its and to a unified .com, requiring significant collaboration not only between the company’s marketing team, but also the external agencies involved in the new site build. The number of files to be documented, transferred, and stored on the cloud were significant, and conversations between all parties were central to identifying the key roles, progress and outcomes along the way. With Box, conversations were able to take place by simply tagging recipients with the @ symbol through a note, folders could be generated, edited and shared, and different user permissions could be established.

Box provided:

  • A modern mobile interface for accessing and editing files on the users choice of device.
  • Complete security and compliance across enterprise content
  • Unlimited storage capability
  • A secure, governable third party collaboration tool without the expense of additional license fees for external parties, and
  • Robust admin controls providing visibility of file sharing and permission levels for all collaborators

Box provided a seamless means of coordinating and executing the build between all parties.

Talk to us today about our experience as Box users and find out how this partnership continues to deliver the tools needed to enable the Tridant Marketing team to stay productive and keep business competitive in an ever- changing market.

For more information, please click on our Box case study and webinar below, both of which were planned and coordinated through this powerful cloud based platform:


Box and Tridant Case Study


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