Tableau celebrates Valentine’s Day with its first update in 2019

Raymond Chan February 25, 2019
I was in Perth last week delivering a public Tableau training session. As I presented the capabilities of Tableau 2018.3 to the students and introduced it as the latest version, one of them enthusiastically remarked, ‘Hey Ray! Tableau has ...
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Plan, Optimise, Visualise with the IBM Platform

Tridant November 30, 2018
With an aim to address the power of analytics and empower business leaders, Tridant partnered with IBM to discuss the benefits of the IBM Analytics Platform and highlight the latest release of Cognos 11.1. The Plan, Optimise and Visualise event that ...
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When Outsourcing Your Support Function Makes a lot of Cents

Tico Le November 16, 2018
If you are like most IT Business Application Managers, you have experienced sleepless nights because you worry about the on-going support of your business-critical systems. You can most probably relate to this list of concerns:
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Tridant Accelerates Financial Services Focus by Partnering with Asia Pacific CBL

Tridant October 19, 2018
Tridant Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s largest specialist consulting firms focused on implementing Financial Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Financial Reporting, Data Visualisation, Predictive Analytics and Information Management ...
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Tridant unveils new Sydney Headquarters to big turnout of Partners & Clients!

Tridant September 24, 2018
From its humble beginnings in 2007 based out of Alec Jeffery’s living room, Tridant has grown into one of Asia Pacific’s most trusted Information Technologies consultancies. This can be attributed to the wonderful team of employees that Tridant has ...
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“When Data takes over Finance: What do finance leaders need to survive & succeed" - Find out from the experts!

Tridant September 07, 2018
This is a repost of [axr]'s original blog written by Hazel M Bennett 
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How Data Analytics & Workflow Software Can Benefit Your Business

Tridant August 31, 2018
The digital world is taking over and it is providing businesses with a range of possibilities to better their operations and customer relationships. Those who fail to take advantage of the new workflow software and data analytics are falling behind. ...
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An Objective Review of yet another Abstruse Gartner Report

Alyssa Brennan August 22, 2018
On July 24, 2018, Gartner released a Magic Quadrant report for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions, which included an analysis across vendors with cloud only solutions and legacy on-premise solution vendors with new cloud solution ...
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Tridant Itching to do Data for Good and Citizen Science

Alec Jeffrey August 07, 2018
Tridant is often asked to help clients with their data analytics problems and we often work with citizen data scientists. Recently though a friend of mine, Associate Professor Craig Williams from the University of South Australia, launched a ...
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Tableau Prep vs Alteryx: Which Game of Thrones character likes to visit Maggy the Frog?

Ana Yin July 16, 2018
The recent release of Tableau Prep (renamed from ‘Project Maestro’) has inspired an overwhelming response from the data community, raising questions such as ‘Is Tableau Prep the death of Alteryx?’ A quick google search of this topic will surely ...
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