Tableau celebrates Valentine’s Day with its first update in 2019

by Raymond Chan

I was in Perth last week delivering a public Tableau training session. As I presented the capabilities of Tableau 2018.3 to the students and introduced it as the latest version, one of them enthusiastically remarked, ‘Hey Ray! Tableau has just released its newest version (2019.1). Happy Valentine’s day!’ 

Fast forward a couple of days.

I got to explore the latest features in Tableau 2019.1 including Ask Data, Tableau Prep Conductor and the redesigned Tableau Mobile app functionality. Let’s look at all of them: 

1) Ask Data 

Announced last year during the Tableau Conference, Ask Data is a new way to interact with your data using natural language. Instead of dragging and dropping, one gets to simply ask a question and receive insights from Tableau. This feature, only available in Tableau Server or Tableau Online, will be mostly benefited by non-technical users as they can quickly and easily analyse their data and create ad-hoc reports without any Tableau skills. 


 2) Tableau Prep Conductor 

This feature is my personal choice for the Star of 2019.1”. It simply enables users to publish their Tableau Prep flow into Tableau Server, which means workflows can now be scheduled, or ran on demand straight from the Server. 

Tableau Prep – the standalone data preparation tool released in Q1 of 2018, is a powerful tool allowing users to see a complete picture of their data, reshaping it and seeing the results immediately.

 Tableau Prep Conductor

 3) Redesigned Tableau Mobile App 

The Tableau Mobile app for iOS and Android receives a new design with improved favourites experiences, and interactive offline previews which will be useful when you are travelling.  

Redesigned Tableau Mobile App

4)  Redesigned Tableau Server and Tableau Online 

Along with the mobile app update, the Tableau Server / Tableau Online interface has also changed! You can now view data sources, workbooks, and views from one project all on the same page, making the navigation much easier, especially when you have many folders and workbooks. 

Redesigned Tableau Server and Tableau Online


 Other added features include: 

  • Addition of the Google Ads Connector 
  • Addition of Azure SQL Data Warehouse Connector 
  • Ability to connect directly to your Excel and CSV files stored in Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive 
  • Ability to connect to Google BigQuery from the web 
  • Ability to enable OAuth for Snowflake Connector 
  • Ability to Export your Tableau Dashboard to PowerPoint 
  • Ability to deploy a special version of Tableau Mobile that is compatible with the VMware
  • Workspace ONE Platform 
  • Ability to assign name to dashboard items 
  • Ability to deploy Secure RServe integration for Tableau Server 
  • Ability to view Device Layout Preview straight from the Web 
  •  Improvement on automatic phone dashboard layout 
  • Improvement on URL Actions 
  • Improvement on Vector Maps 
  • Improvement on Nested Sorting 
  • Improvement on Online Admin Insights 
  • Improvement on Okta Integration  

With the core theme being integration this time, Tableau hasn’t introduced many features for the Desktop users. Nevertheless, if your organisation relies on Tableau Prep to support your Tableau dashboards, this update will bring the most desired outcome as it helps in scheduling and automating Prep Flows.  

I highly recommend that you download the latest version and try it out yourself. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.    

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Happy Vizzing!

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