Tableau Prep vs Alteryx: Which Game of Thrones character likes to visit Maggy the Frog?

by Ana Yin
The recent release of Tableau Prep (renamed from ‘Project Maestro’) has inspired an overwhelming response from the data community, raising questions such as ‘Is Tableau Prep the death of Alteryx?’ A quick google search of this topic will surely conjure numerous blogs by different users, each sharing personal thoughts on the ‘Prep versus Alteryx’ theme. Thus the timing was perfect when Tridant was approached by Transport from NSW to present again in their bi-annual TTUC event, this time on Alteryx and Tableau Prep! 

That prompted me to create a scenario which would allow the audience to experience both tools in action, before concluding on when to use the current release of Tableau Prep and when to use Alteryx. I created a ‘Game of Thrones – themed’ dataset (shown in video) for my colleagues David and Quan to demo to the audience; answering three questions below:
  • Which GOT character visited Maggy the Frog both last year and in the current year?
  • Out of the characters who visited in both years, which character paid the most visits?
  • Which house is the most superstitious this year?
Join me as I seek the answers to those questions ‘on-the-fly’. 

As I mentioned above, the purpose of this video is to allow you to experience the feel and interface of both tools, where the story behind each step is explained high level. This is not a comprehensive training tutorial. Tableau Software is in the process of upskilling us Trainers on how to teach Tableau Prep, thus stay tuned!
Click here for the filmed version of the demo: 
So verdict….
Both are great tools and each have their own use and place in the market. The table below gives a high level summary of Alteryx versus the current release of Tableau Prep:
Tableau prep and Alterys
If you’re want to see Tableau Desktop in action, take a look at last year’s TTUC topic below:

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