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Tableau Prep vs Alteryx: Which Game of Thrones character likes to visit Maggy the Frog?

Ana Yin July 16, 2018
The recent release of Tableau Prep (renamed from ‘Project Maestro’) has inspired an overwhelming response from the data community, raising questions such as ‘Is Tableau Prep the death of Alteryx?’ A quick google search of this topic will surely ...
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Interview with Alteryx's Chief Data Scientist Dr Dan Putler

Angela Ashton June 29, 2018
Alteryx's Chief Data Scientist shares his thoughts on the future of predictive analytics while providing practical insights on how to get started with Alteryx. 
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Tableau Data Day Out 2017

Grace Kelzi August 15, 2017
Last week on Thursday the 10th of August, the Tridant team attended the biggest Tableau event of the year, ‘Data Day Out’ at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne.
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It’s Tridant’s 10th Anniversary

James Wakefield May 09, 2017
Anyone knows that good things happens in 3’s.
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How to leverage weather data for everyday business decisions

Ana Yin March 27, 2017
It is no secret that the weather affects what you eat, what you buy, where you go and how you feel. This in turn can affect business.
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The Alteryx Download Tool

James Wakefield March 06, 2017
If you are using a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, then you will likely at some point want to extract data from it for analysis or reporting purposes. Any good SaaS application will have an API (Application Programming Interface) written ...
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Tridant Interview with George Mathew, President and COO of Alteryx

Nimrod Kuti December 01, 2016
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Introduction To Alteryx

Ian Koegelenberg September 05, 2016
One of the benefits of analytics consulting is that you are exposed to an array of industries and their respective business problems.  This exposure has allowed us to identify an emerging trend in the market, one where business leaders are demanding ...
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