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Marketing Collaboration & Content Management Made Easy

Grace Kelzi June 13, 2017
Whether you are a team of 10 or 10,000, working efficiently on many files and complex, simultaneous projects is no easy task in an increasingly mobile and office-less world.
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How will you deal with the emergence of ‘Shadow IT’?

James Wakefield July 04, 2016
I was fortunate to be invited by IBM to attend a lunch and hear from Joel de la Garza, the VP of Security for Box.
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The Future Is Now: Integrated IM, BI & FPM In The Cloud

James Wakefield June 21, 2016
"Having worked at Cognos, I was always a big fan of the messaging there around an integrated Performance Management solution being what a modern day business needed." An Integrated Performance Management solution should enable a business to ask ...
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When it comes to Business Transformation Finance & Marketing are “Brothers-in-Arms”

Angela Ashton May 25, 2016
Coming from a Marketing background, I have on occasion been guilty of entertaining the view that the function of Finance was that of the ‘Fun Police’.
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6 Key Benefits of IBM dashDB: Cloud Data Warehouse

Kanul Wadhwa February 02, 2016
When it comes to emerging technologies, the cloud data warehouse is becoming very popular and for good reason. The intense drive of any business for fast information with lower operational expenses and IT complexities has fuelled a need for powerful ...
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7 Key Features of IBM Planning Analytics

James Wakefield November 23, 2015
In last week’s article “Everything you need to know about IBM Planning Analytics: Part 1”, Solutions Director James Wakefield introduced us to IBM's latest incarnation of TM1: Planning Analytics. This week, James will discuss 7 key high level ...
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Everything You Need to Know about IBM Planning Analytics: Part 1

James Wakefield November 18, 2015
November 24th 2015 is the big release date for the next generation of TM1. There has been a big build up to this event, from the beta versions, through to the announcements at IBM Insight 2015. One thing is for sure; this release is especially ...
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Tridant: The First IBM Partner to Introduce TM1 Cloud to Australasia

Russell Stuart June 10, 2015
In keeping with Tridant’s ethos of being market leaders, not followers, we have become the first IBM Premier Partner to introduce the TM1 Cloud offering in Australasia. We were first to implement a fully integrated IBM Cognos BI and TM1 solution for ...
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