Tableau Nested LODs - A Dummy’s Guide

Ana Yin December 22, 2020
Nested LODs, as I’m sure most of you will agree, is not the lightest topic by any stretch of the imagination. After hours trying to understand the mechanics of Nested LODs, I’ve finally been able to mock up a dataset that allowed me to explore not ...
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Tableau Data Day Out, Tableau Prep, Role Based Pricing & Much More

Alec Jeffrey May 28, 2018
Recently the Tridant team attended the Tableau Data Day Out event in Sydney as well as spending the prior 2 days engaging with the Tableau team.
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What’s New with Alteryx version 11.7?

Ankit Tripathi December 13, 2017
Alteryx version 11.7 is introducing new ways of data analysis, data cleansing and visualisation. We all want clean data, but sometimes it's difficult to know that there's still some cleaning which needs to be done. That's where Alteryx's Data ...
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Tridant Jointly Wins Award For Tableau Dashboard Creation

Grace Kelzi November 21, 2017
At Tridant, we consider that the caliber of our people - their experience, expertise and determination to deliver to the highest standards - is a foundation element that has made Tridant one of Asia Pacific's most trusted Data Analytics ...
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The Release of Tableau 10.5

Raymond Chan October 24, 2017
Now has never been a better time to upgrade your Tableau Desktop and Server.
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Data Driven Alerts Now Available With Tableau 10.3

Raymond Chan July 05, 2017
One of the most exciting things for a Tableau user to do is download and test out the new features added in the application’s frequent updates.
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Google Analytics Style Reporting With Tableau

Ana Yin February 06, 2017
I recently completed a project for a client who asked me to create a flexible date parameter that allow users the flexibility to conduct a Year on Year (YoY) and Rolling Period (RP) analysis based on the start and end dates they choose. This sort of ...
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Meet a Triton – Ana Yin

Ana Yin January 19, 2017
1 – What have been some of the highlights and challenges of moving from an Auditing-focused role into the rapidly changing and exciting Data Visualisation space? When I first started in the Advanced Analytics & Visualisation (AAV) practice of ...
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