Migrating IBM Planning Analytics onto AWS – A Recommended Approach

Arun Ramanathan November 11, 2020
At Tridant, we are seeing client organisations prioritising the need to increase business continuity. Cloud spending has grown 33% in Q3 2020, as enterprises, across all verticals, tap into widely-documented benefits of moving their IT applications ...
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TM1 Integrated with Salesforce or SugarCRM

Alec Jeffrey June 05, 2017
Your CRM contains so much vital information for the health or your organisation. It’s your heartbeat, where if the data within your CRM is of good quality and the database is growing in size then your organisation is likely in good shape.
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An Overview of IBM Vision 2017

Alec Jeffrey May 24, 2017
What a fantastic week it was in Orlando, Florida for the IBM Vision conference.
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IBM Planning Analytics: Deep Dive Part 2

Akram Ali October 03, 2016
IBM Planning Analytics Workspace: The Revolutionary Front End for TM1 IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) is the new front end for TM1 which assists in creating dashboards and visualisations via just drag and drop. PAW is available today for ...
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IBM Planning Analytics: Deep Dive Part 1

Mark Smith September 21, 2016
Monday morning arrives with its tedious normal pace, however, this start to the week is different from all others. You’ve been eagerly waiting for your IBM Planning Analytics Welcome kit and opening Outlook has never been more exciting. You found ...
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7 Key Features of IBM Planning Analytics

Alec Jeffrey November 23, 2015
In last week’s article “Everything you need to know about IBM Planning Analytics: Part 1”, Solutions Director James Wakefield introduced us to IBM's latest incarnation of TM1: Planning Analytics. This week, James will discuss 7 key high level ...
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Everything You Need to Know about IBM Planning Analytics: Part 1

Alec Jeffrey November 18, 2015
November 24th 2015 is the big release date for the next generation of TM1. There has been a big build up to this event, from the beta versions, through to the announcements at IBM Insight 2015. One thing is for sure; this release is especially ...
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