The Release of Tableau 10.5

by Raymond Chan

Now has never been a better time to upgrade your Tableau Desktop and Server.

Tableau releases updates every month, but when is the right time to update?

What I generally tell my clients is: Whenever it has new functions of interest to your business or when it contains major fixes.

Being a specialised Tableau consultant for more than two years, I have seen a lot of new features emerge over time that I now utilise on a daily basis to produce specific content for my customers.

With the new 10.5 version coming soon, I have been testing it via the Beta version and personally think it is the most interesting update of the year, having added a number of features in high demand.

From Fast to Hyper Fast

Hyper is a new technology that is powering Extracts in Tableau.
I use extracts considerably in my projects, especially when connected with data sources that don’t work very well with Tableau.
Extracts are very fast, but depending on the size of the data, it may take quite some time to generate them. Hyper promises reduced extract generation time by improving queries, allowing you to load more data in your extract, generate it and consume it faster.

Viz in tooltips

Questions I have often been asked during my projects include: “Can we add a Table in the tooltip?” or “Can we add an image in the tooltips? With the release of Tableau 10.5, I can finally reply “YES”.

This new feature allows us to add worksheets into tooltips. Yes, worksheet's.

Adding a Table or a Graph is not as easy as adding a Parameter into a tooltip.

Tableau 10.5 (1)

Any worksheet added will automatically be filtered by the object you are hovering on. i.e. hovering on “Australia” will show you a tooltip with a Sales Trend line chart for Australia only.

We can even use Shapes to add pictures into tooltips, which can be particularly useful if you are working with brands. E.g. Hover against the red line to see a “Coles” logo appear in the tooltip.

Changing a workbooks name on Server

A simple feature that simply didn’t exist before.

Previously, to change the name of a published workbook, we had to download the said workbook and republish it with a new name. However, because it will be appearing as a new workbook, subscriptions, views and other statistics will be lost.

With 10.5, we can finally change the name of workbooks on Server. Thank you!

Reverting a workbook to a previous version

Have you ever shared a workbook to a colleague only to receive a reply that says “I cannot open this workbook”, and then found out later on that their Tableau version is too old?
Worse, have you worked on a dashboard only to realise the Tableau Server version is too old and your IT team doesn’t want to update it?

Both above happened to me. (And I had to rebuild the entire workbook to “downgrade” the version…)

Now, with simply a click you export your workbook as a Previous Version.

Tableau 10.5 (2)

Adding more to your Subscriptions

Again, a simple feature that was heavily sought after - The possibility to add additional notes to subscriptions.

Tableau 10.5 (3)

You can now also add an entire group of people instead of one by one.

Deploying Tableau at Scale

Are you responsible for deploying Tableau at your company? Save yourself some time by using a new command line to make a large-scale deployment with the automated desktop license activation.


Ultimately, Tableau 10.5 allows:
-Hyper technology that makes extract creation and consumption faster
-Viz in tooltips
-Changing a workbooks name directly on Server
-Exporting workbooks as older versions
-New subscription features
-Large scale Tableau Desktop deployment

Personally, I am really excited about Viz in tooltips and Hyper!

For more information or to request a demo, please contact us at or on 1300 737 141.

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