The University of Tasmania: Client Feature

by Dilan Gunawardana
The university worked with Tridant to build a solution that integrates financial and operational data, models the revised organisation structure, and forecasts key trends and presents metrics via intuitive dashboards.

The University of Tasmania (known colloquially as UTas) was founded in 1890, and thus, falls under the category of a “Sandstone University”; a tertiary education institution founded during Australia’s colonial era from between 1788 – 1901.

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Since it’s founding, UTas has produced a list of notable alumni such as Christine Milne, Former Leader of the Australian Greens, Musician Courtney Barnett (recently nominated for a Grammy Award), Author Richard Flanagan (winner of the 2014 Man Booker Prize), and former marketing executive, Mary Donaldson (most famously known for the extraordinary feat of picking up the Crown Prince of Denmark in a Sydney pub and magically turning into a princess).

It’s largest and most populous campus, Sandy Bay, sits between the estuary of the River Derwent, and is overshadowed by Hobart’s iconic Mount Wellington. Although it is far from the largest Australian university, and dwarfed, for example, by the Monash University Clayton Campus in Melbourne (so
large that it has it’s own suburb and postcode), it is certainly one of the most charming and picturesque.

From the upper levels of the Morris Miller Library, students are able to gaze longingly across the sports oval at the yachts moored in the bay, or catch a glimpse of houses stacked on the foothills leading up to Mount Wellington. The view is frankly dangerous for students with a tendency towards daydreaming.

The University’s reputation is growing rapidly due to a combination of factors. In 2014, Utas ranked in the top 2% of Universities worldwide, and in recent times, six UTas academics were given citations in the Australian Awards for University Teaching – the highest number for any Australian University. In addition to this, the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies enjoys a privileged partnership with CSIRO and e Australian Antarctic Division, garnering Grade 5 scores (above world average) for Oceanography, Geology and Ecology.

It also doesn’t hurt that the campus is located in laid-back, scenic Hobart, whose peak “hour” traffic lasts for a total of Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.55.51 AMabout five or ten minutes. I am told by UTas’ Associate Director of Institutional Performance, Julie Morrison, that twenty minutes is considered a long commute in Hobart, a fact that makes my seven-kilometre, half-an-hour morning commute through inner-eastern Melbourne seem all the more absurd, and grounds for relocation to Tasmania.

Julie has worked at UTas for over a decade, in various operational roles, and has a rich professional background in Finance and Accounting across New Zealand, the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Her engagement with Tridant stretches back nearly a year, when she was given funding approval for a Business Intelligence (BI) project. Her tender was responded to by Michael Taylor, who is now Tridant’s Director of Professional Services, (on a plane to Las Vegas for an IBM conference) and the rest is history.

The university worked with Tridant to build a solution that integrates financial and operational data, models the revised organisation structure, and forecasts key trends and presents metrics via intuitive dashboards.

Julie and various departmental stakeholders at UTas, now have a 360-degree view of their student and operational data, presented in intuitive, quick and collaborative dashboards that adhere to design principles of data communication and industry best practice; a key point of difference between Tridant and its competitors.

“Tridant have guided me down this path... all the advice they have given me has been outstanding. It is certainly consistent with contemporary practice. [I] couldn’t have gotten it off the ground without their help and guidance.” - Julie Morrison Associate Director of Institutional Performance, The University of Tasmania.

Julie will be presenting at the Higher Education Summit in Melbourne this week which takes place on the 14th and 15th of July. Please join us at booths 28 and 29 and hear firsthand how the University of Tasmania embarked on their BI journey and also discuss our solutions for universities:

A Case Study of Tridant’s engagement with UTas will be coming soon. In the meantime, please take a look at our newest case studies involving our engagements with The University of Adelaide and The University of South Australia.

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