What’s New with Alteryx version 11.7?

by Ankit Tripathi

Alteryx version 11.7 is introducing new ways of data analysis, data cleansing and visualisation. We all want clean data, but sometimes it's difficult to know that there's still some cleaning which needs to be done. That's where Alteryx's Data Profiling is indispensable. Alteryx version 11.7 also has in built Plotly visualytics and visual layout for reporting, making Alteryx a very attractive product available in the market. This includes:

  1. Advanced data profiling
  2. Visual layout for reporting


Advanced data profiling:

String Columns:

  • Order the most common string values together so that it's easier to tell which values occur most often
  • Customise the display as needed using the new icons that appear when the cursor hovers over the graphic window
  • Zoom in or out of your data points to have a better clarity of data

Alteryx 11.7 (1)

Numeric Columns:

  • Hovering the cursor over numeric data points now displays both the column value and the record number, so it’s easier to track and correct data points in records

Alteryx 11.7 (2)

  • Numeric columns can be displayed as sums by time or date if Time or Date fields are also present

Alteryx 11.7 (3)


Visual layout for reporting:

  1. Create single row reports using different report elements
  2. Drag and Drop elements on the canvas
  3. Align or Place elements wherever you want on the canvas
  4. Choose the report output type and size
  5. Adjust margins

Alteryx 11.7 (4)

Alteryx 11.7 (5)

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