When Outsourcing Your Support Function Makes a lot of Cents

by Tico Le

If you are like most IT Business Application Managers, you have experienced sleepless nights because you worry about the on-going support of your business-critical systems. You can most probably relate to this list of concerns:

"I'm sure the recent outage was caused by the same error last month and the month before that, why hasn't it been fixed?"

"Does Peter, who's the only one who knows anything and everything about the system, share his knowledge with the rest of the team?"

"Do our employees have enough business and technical expertise? Do I have enough staff for upcoming system changes?"

"Will the staff work on the Grand Final weekend to support a critical system change?"

These concerns often stem from common issues that occur in many workplaces:

- Strong reliance on key resources with no fallback
- Uncertainty of staff level and coverage for the peak and troughs of the business cycle
- Lack of staff availability during critical business periods
- Lack of pro-active problem management to prevent recurring problems

At Tridant, we utilise the ITIL framework to provide best-of-breed Managed Application Services tailored to our clients’ requirements; from supplementing client staff, co-managing applications right through to managing a client’s entire application suite. We partner with our clients to ensure a smooth on boarding, knowledge transfer and transition process. This partnership means we are an extension of the client’s team and provide exceptional service meeting project deadlines. As a result, our clients can focus on their core business.

We pride ourselves in comprehensive cross-industry experience and extensive expertise in Analytics and Performance Management, which means we are able to offer a low-risk, cost-effective option for the management of analytic applications.

Our capabilities include:

  • 24/7 global application support that can be scaled up or down on demand
  • Knowledge base development and implementation
  • Pro-active problem and availability management

If the above "scary" scenarios are keeping you up at night, contact us today! We are here to help you save time and money, and hopefully make you sleep better, too.


Call 0423 560 525 or Email tico.le@tridant.com.au

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