Whether you are a team of 10 or 10,000, working efficiently on many files and complex, simultaneous projects is no easy task in an increasingly mobile, office-less world.
Box provides a modern content management platform enabling users to secure, share and edit their files anywhere, anytime and on any device.
Box allows businesses to operate faster and more effectively by improving collaboration across all departments, ensuring everyone is aligned and driving growth while maintaining the security of your files and keeping projects running smoothly.

Box transforms the way your organisation works and collaborates delivering;

  • An effective answer to Sharepoint and rogue file sharing tools such as dropbox
  • A modern mobile interface for accessing and editing files no matter on the users choice of device.
  • Complete security and compliance across your enterprise content
  • A comprehensive mobile reporting solution for your BI reporting needs.
  • Unlimited storage capability while significantly reducing the internal storage footprint.
  • A secure, governable third party collaboration tool without the expense of additional license fees for external parties.

The strategic partnership between IBM and Box provides organisations with access to the leading secure cloud service for content collaboration across the organisation and with external stakeholders.
Talk to Tridant today about their own experience as Box users and how the partnership delivers the tools your team needs to stay productive and keep your business competitive in an ever- changing market.

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