Unite Siloed Data
Reduce errors and complexity with a single source of truth for all your data.
Accelerate Data Delivery
Streamline data & analytic capabilities across your entire company.
Turn Insights Into Action
Deliver insights, power innovation, and grow your business.

Don’t be held back by outdated data systems

When data is stored in different databases it can lead to inconsistencies and problems.

And as data ages, it becomes less accurate and less useful.

You should have real-time access to data across your entire company, which will allow you to create efficiencies, build business value, and a sustain your competitive advantage.
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Unlock & Leverage The Value Of Data Across Your Entire Company

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Make Fast, Data-Based Decisions

Find new and unexpected insights quickly and deliver business-changing results.

Create a Data-Driven Culture

Enable everyone at every level of your organisation to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics.

Maximise Operational Efficiency

Develop a collaborative partnership between IT and the business units to enable self-service access to trustworthy data for everybody.

Govern Your Data Securely

Help prevent data loss with centrally managed, role-specific data protection that meets the compliance standards and certifications for your industry.

Why Tridant?

Tridant is a technology consulting firm with expertise in solving business problems and optimising business performance. Our expertise in data, planning, analytics, cloud and support services provide business leaders with the means to confidently respond to market uncertainty.

With offices in Australia, Singapore and South Africa, we work with government departments, large enterprises and mid-tier companies across a wide range of industries to implement a technology modernisation strategy, build and integrate new solutions, and support these solutions throughout their lifecycle.
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Our Proven Process

Step 1: Consultation
This allows us to get aligned around your vision & goals for the project.
Step 2: Roadmap
We build you a custom roadmap with a clear path to achieving your objectives.
Step 3: Execute
We work with you to seamlessly implement your plan & deliver results.
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