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An End To Manual Data Migration
Say goodbye to time-consuming and frustrating manual data migration and significantly increase productivity with automated migrations.
Easily Share Business Intelligence
Sharing everything you need with your team instantly and efficiently just became a reality, with seamless Dynamics 365 data sharing.  
Real-Time Reporting
Experience faster and more coherent collaborative work, with your entire team enjoying the benefits of complete real-time reporting visibility. 

Manual Processing is labour-intensive and prone to human error

Has your business reporting been slowed down by weeks as your finance team attempt to piece together data from Dynamics 365? Manually pulling data, table by table, is far from productive. It also leaves a massive margin for error when people are trying to meet deadlines, which is not ideal when compiling vital business data.

Automating the process changes everything. Free up time for your team to use the business intelligence on offer - rather than exporting it.

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Collaborative work is delayed without real-time reporting

Business reporting is an essential part of every organisation, one that requires collaboration from multiple contributors. When this process is delayed due to difficulties in sharing data, it can greatly impact reporting deadlines. Streamlining this process with Tridant’s Dynamics 365 Connector allows you to share business intelligence from one source of truth, ensuring reduced reporting times and highly effective real-time collaboration.

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Revolutionise your Business Reporting and Restore Business Productivity with Tridant’s Dynamics 365 to Data Warehouse Connector.

  • Easily access a complete view of data in vital reporting times
  • Gain a complete view of your business operations and finances
  • Synchronised data makes financial reporting faster and more efficient
  • Your finance team can focus on finance, not pulling data piece by piece
  • Viewing and sharing business intelligence is done with ease
  • Labour costs are greatly reduced with automation
  • Real-time reporting allows for one source of truth in collaborations
  • Human error is removed from data migration processes
  • Connect a whole range of platforms to your Data Warehouse, including Blackline, Workday, IBM, Anaplan, Workiva and Fluence Technologies.

If you have had enough of the ongoing costs and frustration of exporting business data from your ERP, Tridant’s Dynamics 365 Connector is the way forward.

Restore workflow productivity, have complete reporting visibility and dramatically reduce manual labour costs in one simple step by booking a demo today.

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