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No IT Department Required
Reduce your dependence on the IT department for maintenance with a solution that doesn’t require coding or scripting
Complete Reporting Visibility 
Experience absolute reporting transparency, with every piece of data visible in real-time, across departments 
Compliance Risks Mitigated
Understand how to mitigate compliance risks, by removing human error from your consolidation process

Let’s make your consolidation issues a thing of the past

Tridant understands the ongoing challenges of the most commonly used financial consolidation methods, and the real price of using them. We offer a cost-effective solution which can be implemented rapidly, even without a sizable budget - that will revolutionise how you do consolidation.

You shouldn’t need to call the IT department whenever your ERP needs reconfiguring. Hours and hours of manual entry for a single report doesn’t make sense either - especially when you can’t even be 100% sure that the results are accurate.

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Manual entry leaves the door open for compliance risks 

Not only is it time-consuming in terms of labour costs, but manual entry can create significant long term ramifications if errors are made. Using a custom-built solution that automates consolidation allows your team to report with complete confidence in the accuracy of the final numbers.

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Software that isn’t custom-built for consolidation is costly long term

Using ERPs for consolidation can work well when everything is configured. As soon as reporting or legislative structures change, you are left with a situation that only an IT team can resolve.

Over time, these costs are substantial. This is why it makes sense to use pre-configured accounting software that can effortlessly scale with you - without the ongoing expense of maintenance.
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Purpose-built consolidation software, designed for accountants

Whatever method you are currently using, it probably wasn’t made for consolidation purposes.

Our solution provides you with a completely automated process, eliminating all of the current consolidation issues you are facing.

It’s an intelligent software that seamlessly bridges the gap between Excel and ERPs, providing complete ease of reporting, while mitigating the compliance risks associated with manual entry.

A mid-market solution offering enterprise functionality that scales as you do. Learning curve free, with a familiar interface, means your team can get started sooner.

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