No IT Department Required
Completely pre-configured - no need for extensive scripting and coding
Exceptional Accuracy
Compliance risks due to manual entry become a thing of the past
Saves Time, Every Time
Automated consolidation means no more overdue reports

So, you know you have a consolidation problem but have no idea how to change it? 

Excel is fraught with the possibilities of error, and ERPs often need their own IT department to work properly.

It’s time to start with software that will transform the way you report, bridging the gaps between other methods flawlessly.

With this free eGuide, you'll learn how to:

  • Free up time and get reporting done faster, so your team can work productively
  • Remove the nightmare of manual errors - and the compliance risks they bring
  • Stop relying on an IT team every time something needs reconfiguring
  • Move beyond the dread of endless copy-pasting with Excel consolidation
  • Stop the last-minute stress and pressure that comes with manual consolidation
  • Quickly implement an enterprise-level solution without the huge investment

All of this without complex coding, complicated scripting or needing a tech genius on hand every time legislative and reporting requirements change.

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