Additional Value You'll Receive From A Fluence Demo

Save Time
Fluence empowers your teams to slash accounting consolidation time by up to 90%.
Maximise Your Budget
Gain more insight from your statement of financial performance to deliver a more comprehensive zero-based budget.
Report With Confidence
Gain peace of mind that your financial statement analysis and consolidation data is always accurate, up-to-date, and transparent.

Save Hours Every Month

Your teams shouldn’t have to spend late nights and long hours every single month, consolidating complex numbers from different departments, regions, businesses, or ERP systems, to create a statement of financial position that you can’t even be sure is 100% accurate. 

Take advantage of Fluence’s powerful workflow automation and process simplification, and discover how to optimise your platform for faster, streamlined consolidation of financial statements.
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Eliminate Human Error From Your Workflows

If your business still relies on manual copy-and-paste consolidation, then you’ve no doubt felt the sting of avoidable manual errors. A slip of concentration here, copying the wrong cell there—these small errors all add up to an incorrect statement of financial performance, inaccurate decisions, and business planning that’s ultimately flawed.

A Tridant expert can show you how migrating your accounting consolidation to a Fluence solution enables you to take human error out of the equation, and deliver reliable, comprehensive financial statement analysis, and more robust data, every time.
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Access The Power Of An All-In-One Accounting Consolidation Solution

Do you and your teams find yourself dreading the consolidation reporting period?

Made to be used straight out of the box, Fluence is an enterprise-level platform that can be rolled out in weeks, not months. You’ll learn how to automate your manual practices, and cut inefficient processes from your workflows—processes you might not even know you had.

You’ll be able to save your teams valuable time, freeing them up to focus on higher-impact work, while delivering more accurate, up-to-date, and transparent statements of financial position to your management team.

A Tridant specialist can guide you through the platform, working with you to:

  • Roll out a Fluence accounting consolidation solution smoothly and easily, no coding required
  • Explore the true Excel interface, which means there’s no learning curve—and you can start using it straight away
  • Access pre-built workflows, calculations, and templates
  • Optimise your workflows with integrated collaboration tools
  • Undertake powerful consolidated financial reporting using Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Power BI
  • Experience comprehensive account reconciliation across your business’ entire ecosystem

At Tridant, our expert teams work with you to deploy a Fluence solution to streamline your consolidation of financial statements, empowering you to face the end of any financial period with confidence.

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