Fast-Track Your Consolidation
Do more, faster. Fluence empowers your teams to speed up your consolidation of financial statements by up to 90%.
Reduce Errors
Stop relying on outdated Excel spreadsheets. Automate your workflows to deliver more accurate consolidation.
Build a Resilient Business
Optimising your accounting consolidation processes enables you to prepare for any scenario, and gain complete transparency over your data.

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What you'll gain from this free guide...

Businesses rely on the quality of their data. And when your accounting consolidation and statement of financial position processes rely on old, outdated spreadsheets, human error can creep in—and mistakes are bound to be made.

Discover how a Fluence consolidation software solution can improve your business’ decision-making and deliver a more robust reporting platform, empowering you to navigate times of change and disruption with ease.

In this free guide you’ll learn:

  • How robust financial and accounting consolidation can help you prepare for uncertain times
  • The value of closing faster: why speed matters now more than ever
  • How to optimise your consolidation to improve your financial statement analysis, and deliver more transparent, accurate reporting
  • 12 key things to look for in your consolidation software platform

Learn how this specialised software can streamline your consolidation of financial statements, and empower your business to navigate uncertainty with confidence.

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