IBM App Connect

It’s the 21st century. It shouldn’t be hard to make applications talk to each other and share data.

Today’s users expect their apps and services to play nicely, talking to each other as if online connectivity, and cloud synchronisation was second nature.

IBM App Connect and IBM App Connect Professional provide the new definition of plug and play.

Delivering an enhanced level of functionality with ease and sans coding,  IBM App Connect and IBM App Connect Professional help organisations automate workflows and integrate data, apps and APIs across hybrid cloud environments.

Because everything should be connected, IBM App Connect and IBM App Connect Professional provide support across a range of roles and needs; from simple, single-step flows across cloud apps to multi-step flows requiring sophisticated data transformation and mapping

IBM App Connect:

  • Connects apps in just 3 simple steps
  • Automates tasks and creates efficient workflows
  • Integrates custom apps in a matter of hours

IBM App Connect Professional:

  • Integrates cloud, mobile and on premise applications in days
  • Simplifies integration and reduces the need for specialist skills
  • Accelerates integration with a range of pre-built connectors and templates