IBM BlueworksLive

The backbone of every organisation consists of processes, however all too often organisations lack visibility into how those processes work, whether they in fact work, or how to make the necessary changes to make them more effficient.

The challenge for a lot of companies when trying to improve their processes is first understanding what they are starting with.

IBM BlueworksLive is a cloud based process and decision modelling tool that allows organisations to collaboratively model processes in order to improve business operations.

Exceling at engaging business users, BlueworksLive offers an extensive set of templates outlining common business processes found within particular industry sectors.

And while exceptionally easy to use, BlueworksLive provides rigorous governance with out-of-the-box review/approvals, and a full history of decisions for audit purposes.

BlueworksLive captures process knowledge, and improves business operations by eliminating inefficiencies.

  • Easy to use cloud based solution with zero instal and set up
  • Consolidated project view in real time
  • Inbuilt collaboration capability
  • Detailed process documentation delivering out of the box documentation features
  • Integrated governance process

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