Revolutionising Internal and External Reporting

IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

The exponential growth in data volumes is compounding the impact of the increasing internal and external reporting demands that organisations are facing from regulators and stakeholders alike.

In order to meet their reporting obligations organisations spend hour’s manually updating Microsoft Word documents, copying and pasting data from source systems to disparate spread sheets and then hours more in sharing these files over insecure channels.

The risk of reporting the wrong numbers or the wrong narrative increase with each new copy/paste/format cycle - a risk no organisation can afford.

The IBM Cognos Disclosure Management solution is purpose built to transform these manual processes.

Using IBM Cognos Disclosure Management organisations can now create recurring, multi-author reports that merge enterprise data with focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment, enabling them to meet an ever-increasing array of external and internal reporting requirements with speed, accuracy and confidence.

IBM Cognos Disclosure Management solutions enable companies to create the reports they need while improving governance and reducing risk, costs and data inaccuracies across the finance team.

Cognos Disclosure Management

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