IBM Planning Analytics

Built on the powerful and universally trusted OLAP engine of IBM TM1, IBM Planning Analytics, delivers a fast, easy, flexible and complete planning and analytics solution.

IBM Planning Analytics automates organisations planning, budgeting and forecasting processes while at the same time providing self-service analytics for business users and flexible, multidimensional modelling for finance.

Available in the cloud or on premise Planning Analytics delivers on the promise of:

  • A business owned, flexible solution that provides an effective bridge between operations and finance, allowing organisations to quickly adapt to changing business conditions
  • Automating the “million-spreadsheet march.” Reconciling top-down and bottom-up views of performance, and providing real-time updates across the enterprise
  • Demystifying data and putting it in the hands of the users enabling them to easily and confidently determine drivers, model scenarios, infer trends and anticipate the future
  • Providing rapid self-service, end user adoption to start fast and grow, with an accurate and automated solution that saves time and money
  • Obtaining real time results. The IBM Planning Analytics engine offers in-memory, real time ability to process even the most complex of calculations

IBM Planning Analytics empowers users with the speed, agility and foresight they need to make better business decisions in order to drive real business results.


Questions about Planning Analytics?