IBM Ustream

For organisations relying on video streaming to power their business a proven, scalable, cloud based solution is essential to engaging your audiences while at the same time revealing the insights that may otherwise remain hidden in your video data.

IBM Ustream puts the power of the cloud at your command, delivering a comprehensive set of tools to help you maximize your video content.

IBM Ustream provides support for live and on-demand streaming through a robust set of solutions that streamline multi-screen video preparation, delivery, and catalog and subscriber management.

IBM UStream is the cloud video platform everyone has been looking for.

  • Transforming employee communications by producing secure, internal video assets that provide individual-viewer tracking.
  • Putting the potential of live content to work on a global scale with time-tested tools optimized for streaming video content online and integrating with social media.
  • Ensuring that organisations full HD content is passed through to viewers without compromising bitrate or resolution.
  • Providing total video privacy until you are ready to share it with the world.
  • Enabling broadcasts to be available and viewable on any device regardless of screen size or bandwidth.