IBM Watson Campaign Automation

Seeing things from a new perspective sometimes takes a fresh set of eyes.

These days, there’s an easy way to refocus and gain insight.

IBM Watson Marketing offers real time personalisation, digital analytics, journey analytics and struggle detection in a truly omni-channel marketing solution.

This means you can have interactive personalised conversations with your customers irrespective of whether by email, SMS, push, web, mobile, in-store or call centre.

With IBM Watson Campaign Automation, you have the power to:

  • You can integrate any data whether ERP, customer master data or any datasource supported by IBM Universal Behavioural Exchange.
  • Quickly design and automate consistent cross-channel experiences
  • Make time critical transactional notifications just another facet of the communications mix. Use all the same techniques to nurture, track and react to your customers’ transaction critical notifications.
  • Make better decisions and deepen customer engagement with purpose-built analytics inside

IBM are world leaders in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive machine learning and hyper-localised weather technology. Cognitive insight is now layered into IBM Watson marketing and Watson APIs can segment by personality, provide natural language chat and auto analyse social media imagery.