IBM Weather

No matter what industry you are in, the weather plays a critical part in your decision making process.

The Weather Company provides weather driven business solutions designed to help you, your audiences, your customers, constituents, and stakeholders stay abreast of the latest weather developments and their potential impact on a range of key business indicators.

Organisations across such diverse sectors as aviation, energy, insurance, media and government turn to the Weather Company to connect them to the weather data they need to stay informed, increase their customer touch-points and most importantly stay safe.

The Weather Company is a trusted weather source with:

  • More than 200,000 weather stations across the globe representing 100x greater coverage
  • More than 140 meteorologists dedicated to analyzing and forecasting weather trends
  • 162 forecast models providing updates every 15 minutes
  • A Number One Accuracy rating

Areas where you can use Weather information today in your business are:

  • Predicting insurance claims and accelerate customer service
  • Predict customer purchase patterns driven by weather. Does it positively or negatively affect buying patterns?
  • Predict asset failures and avoid costly equipment failures
  • Demand planning for transportation