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See for yourself how the many benefits of BlackLine can be unlocked, in the simplest and fastest way.
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Understand what can be achieved with this platform, in the context of your business and its distinct financial reporting obligations.
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A faster and more efficient close

Don’t let ongoing dependence on legacy technologies, interdependent departments, multiple sites, and data from various sources slow you down!

Automation will streamline your financial reporting processes, standardise workflows, reduce operational inefficiencies, and help you avoid the common bottlenecks associated with traditional manual approaches. This makes for faster reporting and a reduced number of days to close.

Tridant knows BlackLine inside and out. We specialise in supporting finance professionals to optimise their monthly reporting cycle. We’ll help you understand the power and capabilities of this tool in enabling you to report more quickly and frequently. 

Learn how automation can drive the financial, operational, and strategic excellence of your business, with planning supported by readily available financial analytics driving improved performance. 

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Improved visibility across the entire close process

The cloud can offer real-time, multi-user visibility into the financial status of your business. You’ll enjoy better visibility across the entire close process - and so will the multiple people and teams who contribute to it! 

Tridant will show you how a personalised BlackLine dashboard can be implemented to display current analytics across critical measures identified by you. Essentially, this offers a single source of truth across all your financials, for all reporting purposes. 

Enjoy easy access to the latest updates, track milestones, investigate issues, and mitigate risks. Gain confidence that all actions required to enable an effective monthly financial close are being properly conducted, for the most accurate and compliant result.

A Tridant demo will empower you with the knowledge to help you implement BlackLine in the most appropriate way for your business, yielding maximum benefits.
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Discover how a better close can make your team better!

Automation also helps increase the efficiency of your team. Reducing time spent on manual tasks frees your people up to add value to your business elsewhere! 

Meanwhile, the stress and tedium associated with complex traditional month-end processes can stifle professional development, lower employee engagement, and affect staff retention. Adopting a tool like BlackLine can therefore have a positive impact on your team’s wellbeing and job satisfaction!

Book a Tridant demo and we’ll show you how BlackLine can help your organisation to automate your finance processes, and demonstrate how we’ll work closely with you throughout design and implementation, to ensure seamless adoption.

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