Faster closing and reporting
Understand how this leading technology can help avoid manual bottlenecks, streamline processes and reduce inefficiencies during your monthly financial close.
Improved visibility and control
Insights into how multi-user visibility across the entire process can ensure the most accurate close, for better compliance, reduced risk, and reputation protection.
Get the best out of your people
Discover the positive impact a BlackLine implementation can have on your people, from boosted efficiencies to professional development and staff retention.

What you'll gain from this free guide...

Legacy technologies, interdependent departments, multiple sites, and data provided from different sources equal a complex and time-consuming end-of-month financial close.

Preparing monthly numbers to satisfy management, investors, lenders, and regulators in an accurate, compliant, and timely fashion has traditionally been performed using manual approaches. However, financial processes within any business have serious potential for automation. 

BlackLine is a world-leading platform, designed to offer accounting and finance departments best-practice tools to support hassle-free financial reporting processes.

In this FREE guide, Tridant experts outline how this Gartner-recognised platform can help any business transform its monthly close approach for the better.

Discover how implementing and optimising the benefits of this state-of-the-art financial tool can support your people to:

  • Benefit from rules-based automation for faster reporting, improved accuracy, reduced risk, and increased efficiencies amongst your team.
  • Use the cloud to support real-time, multi-user visibility into your current financial status, enabling easy access to updates, tracking of milestones, and identification of issues.
  • Enjoy improved control over the close process, through standardising workflows, segregating duties, and offering a single source of truth across all financials.
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