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Get Expert, Hands-On Advice
Understand the specific drivers and pain points your business needs to solve, to return a positive expectancy on your Business Intelligence Investment.
Customisable Dashboards
Have your analytics work for you by displaying meaningful and repeatable metrics, transfer your business’ raw data into actionable insights with fully customisable and shareable dashboards.
Futureproof Your Business
Derive insights from structured and unstructured data to create a central model for your analytics, enabling smarter decisions that propel your business forward.

Access Better Data Analysis, Business-Wide

Businesses are driven by data. The right data at your disposal enables deeper insight, more comprehensive analysis, and the ability to identify patterns and trends more accurately for decision making.

Microsoft Power BI is designed to deliver powerful data analytics for a range of different users, in businesses of all sizes. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface enables you to produce clear, concise insights and metrics that mirror your business goals, delivering clear information in a way that can be accessed and shared easily across the entire business.
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Leverage A System Built For Growth At Any Size

Many business intelligence platforms are designed for specific-sized businesses. This can be restrictive, and means your teams are wasting the capability of their platform. But the right platform provides capabilities that are geared towards growth—at any business size.

Microsoft Power BI enables consistent growth and scalability with a suite of tools and apps that evolve as you do, and can be utilised by businesses at any stage of development. It’s infinitely customisable, and even includes capacity for users to build their own low- or no-code apps within the platform, to further tailor your Power BI solution to your business.
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Transform How You Do Business

Working directly with you, our Business Intelligence team empower you to take control of your Power BI platform, so you can gain insight into every aspect of your business and make fact-based decisions throughout the organisation.

We’ll help you leverage the full capabilities of Power BI, including:

  • Learn to transform, clean, and model your data within the platform, without affecting the underlying source
  • Take a deeper dive into business insights using immediate, accurate data, available business-wide
  • Create customisable dashboards able to be built for both desktop and mobile devices
  • Three ways to connect to different data sources
  • Access to over 200 out-of-the-box, native data source connections
  • Take advantage of four layers of security
  • Streamline your user experience and deliver the right information to the right people using targeted, self-made apps 
  • Keep business logic central and reusable so your Power BI remains lightweight and highly performant.

Tridant provides comprehensive set-up and training to optimise how you use your Power BI platform, and supercharge your business intelligence with the full power of Microsoft Power BI.

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