Drive Better Performance
Uncover trends, empower your business through self-service and make better informed decisions that power your business edge.
Leverage 6 essential features
Understand the value behind data flows, deployment pipelines and how to connect various data sources to Power BI. 
Licensing Flexibility
Select the right Power BI plan that suits your organisation's needs, users, security requirements and more. 

What you'll gain from this free guide...

Modern businesses know they need to continue enhancing and honing their business intelligence. But the business intelligence world is crowded; it can be difficult to know which platform will deliver the right results.

Microsoft Power BI makes it easy to connect all the different elements of your business in one central application, and delivers a better way to source, view, and act on your data.

In this free guide you’ll learn:

  • The 6 important enterprise features that help you maximise your business’ performance
  • How to leverage different data connections based on your business needs
  • Why Power BI is one of the most secure platforms 
  • Best practices for ensuring Power BI remains lightweight and highly performant
  • How Tridant can help you optimise Power BI, and breakthrough from an initial prototype to a well-adopted production system 

Are you ready to accelerate the way your organisation utilises its business intelligence?

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