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Increased ROI
Investment in data analytics tools is exponentially increased when visual data is represented in a  unified and cohesive manner.
Highly Improved UX
Increase user experiences across reporting, as well as staff adoptabilty and adaptability with a consistent style.

Enhanced Productivity
Having instantly familiar visual data guidelines allows everyone to get their job done more efficiently.

Inconsistent Data Visualisation Is Felt On Many Levels

Having inconsistent data visualisation in an organisation is far more than an aesthetic or branding issue. It causes confusion beyond departments, creates more work for everyone and takes more time to interpret. A detailed style guide creates instant recognition and greatly improves coherence and interdepartmental communication.

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Unoptimised UX Features Decrease Data Analytics ROI

If you are not making use of Power BI’s customisations capacity, it’s likely that your overall ROI is greatly decreased. Branding consistency lets everyone immediately associate specific colours and understand IA without needing to redefine or constantly reinterpret it.
Dashboards and style guides that are consistent and harmonious with your organisational and user needs improves ROI in terms of productivity throughout your organisation.
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Unlock the benefits of Power BI Style Guide today

Making an investment in data analytics tools without utilising everything they offer doesn’t make sense. Different staff creating new visual guidelines each time they start a project loses valuable time and creates confusion throughout your company’s visual data metrics interpretation.

Visual cues get lost, and information hierarchy may be overlooked when inconsistent guidelines exist.

While initially designing a Style Guide can be complicated, its application will create a momentous flow-on effect seen on many levels across departments.

Book a time to speak to us today about how we can help ensure that your organisation uses its visual data to increase productivity, brand consistency and overall user experience.

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