Increased User Experience
Increasing the UE of your organisation unifies your department. It helps you get the best out of Power BI.
Branding Consistency
Building brand recognition within your organisation creates a cohesive data-sharing experience.
Higher ROI 
Getting the best from your investment in data analytics tools by using the features designed to streamline reporting.

What you'll learn from our free guide:

Clear Power BI dashboard design makes everyone’s job much easier. Adhering to design best practices allows all reporting to be easily identified and have a consistently professional finish.

In our guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to implement consistent branding for your financial reports
  • Why a style guide will ensure that developers always start with design best practices
  • The value of a Style Guide to connect your team with their work
  • Time saved for new users when guidelines are in place
  • How to develop templates and themes
  • Designing and implementing UI structure.
  • How to create custom layout templates as a starting point for new dashboards

By using the many available customisations and the full range of visual data design applications offered in Power BI, your organisation benefits in a multitude of ways.

Many users of Power BI can feel frustrated by the lack of reporting consistency, which decreases user experience and wastes time with users attempting to create different visual data reporting styles. A unified approach means that everyone stays on the same page and will find the entire reporting experience more cohesive.

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