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The value of data

The value of data: learn how CFOs can leverage data to manage disruption and improve business performance.

Integrating financial and non-financial data

In order for CFOs to deliver a comprehensive view of the overall business performance they must learn to integrate the organisations financial and non-financial data to give meaningful insight to their data.

Finance eGuide: 6 critical steps to a rolling forecast

Accelerate the monthly finance cycle | Plan more frequently. The value of the annual budget process is in question. A dynamic planning approach enables your organisation to Identify gaps, accelerate insights and drive business improvements, fast.

Finance eGuide: 3 steps to a faster financial close

Accelerate the Monthly Finance Cycle | Close accurately, faster. Automated controls and processes drive efficiency, accuracy and real-time visibility into status, strengthening your control environment across the finance close process.

Case Study: Spirit of Tasmania

Now that’s the spirit. Spirit of Tasmania needed to transform vast amounts of data into valuable insights that would empower fact-based and customer-centric decisions.

Inventory Optimisation: Getting it right

This deep dive examines multi-echelon inventory optimisation (MEIO), based on the theory of constraints. Learn how the pre-built model, Tridant Inventory Optimisation Application, is empowering businesses to effectively manage supply volatility, avoid stockouts, and minimise excess inventory at every location in the supply chain.

Webinar: Optimising Inventory Levels across the Supply Chain

Tridant and Anaplan discuss new-era supply chain planning challenges, and pathways to reduce costly excess inventory, manage supply volatility and avoid stockouts. Deep dive into multi-echelon inventory optimisation or MEIO, based on the theory of constraints.

Youi's Finance Transformation Journey

This session explores the finance transformation journey at Youi Insurance, delivered by Tridant. Youi sought a FP&A platform to embed scalability, governance and auditability in its finance operations, transforming the insurer’s processes across planning, allocations and premium modelling. As an APRA-regulated entity, the stress testing functionality and scenario analysis has proven key to its business, ensuring rigour around their full costing process.

Tableau Nested LODs - A Dummy’s Guide

#TechTalk 2020 Most Popular | Where Nested LOD expressions work, do not work and importantly, why it does not work. Includes the exception to the Nested LOD ‘rule’.

Building a business case for finance transformation

Building a business case for finance transformation

Four trends for a faster monthly finance cycle

The Office of Finance is facing change in 2021. With shifting economic conditions, CFOs need to keep up with stakeholder demands and demonstrate the value-add of the FP&A function at the same time. What are the 4 technology-enabled trends that will drive growth and transform finance and accounting processes? We share our predictions.

Inventory Optimisation Application

Does your supply chain ensure the right amount of stock at the right place at the right time, all the way from manufacturer and supplier to distribution centres to stores? How do you address demand forecasting, variability in actual demand and emerging supply constraints, in real time?

Is Your Planning Platform an Asset or a Liability?

The decision to retire or replace a planning platform is usually borne of its decreasing relevance, growing technical debt and persistent frustrations over poor performance. Where are the opportunities to assure enduring platform performance and efficiency gains?

SPS 515: The 4 Step Guide to an Agile Reporting Framework

New regulatory requirements like SPS 515 are casting a spotlight on the data readiness of super funds.

Migrating IBM Planning Analytics onto AWS – A Recommended Approach

Tridant validated IBM Planning Analytics could run in AWS, with uninterrupted operations, continuous visibility, while maintaining service levels at all times.

COVID-19 has exposed the need to smarten up supply chains and logistics.

“Statistical forecasting and machine learning to gain accuracy in demand forecasting is 100% where the focus of supply chain is these days,” says Peter Symons, chief revenue officer, Tridant in Company Director magazine, Nov 2020.

3 Exemplary Practices with BlackLine: Account Reconciliation, Transaction Matching & SAP

Enhance the value of your BlackLine investment | Account Reconciliation: Impact of Approval on Auto Certification Rate | Transaction Matching: Native ERP Tool vs BlackLine | SAP Tips | Month-end Optimisation Tools

How to grow a business during tough economic times, with Alec Jeffery

CPA Australia's InTheBlack magazine interviewed Alec Jeffery, co-founder & executive director, Tridant. Alec discusses business resilience strategies and shares how Tridant was able to diversify to not only survive the crisis, but thrive.

Keeping Up with Regulatory Requirements: COVID-19 Superannuation Early Release Scheme

The Australian Tax Office launched the COVID-19 Superannuation Early Release Scheme to support Australians experiencing financial hardship. How do super funds keep up with its regulatory requirements?

Predicting Superannuation Rollouts for Early Action

The topic of member rollouts is critical in the financial services market. Use your data to make a difference. With predictive analytics, your super fund can build optimal retention planning, and proactively address member attrition.

5 Best Practices for Successful Remote Implementations

Implement business solutions that grow the top line, reduce cost, and mitigate risk, remotely.

The Power of the Sparkline

These small, data-dense graphics are often overlooked when representing data-heavy reports. Sparkline charts are perfect for representing the data intense in a simple and succinct word-sized graphic, adding context and value to even the blandest of data grids.

Covid-19 Economic Impact – Analysis with Power BI and Snowflake

Covid-19 has impacted the performance of many business sectors. This study examines the financial performance of Healthcare, Retail, Industrials, Energy, Telecommunication, Real Estate, Metals & Mining, Technology, and Streaming Media by looking into their stock price and business volumes from May 2019-April 2020.

60-Min Investigation: Building a Chatbot

 At Tridant, we are seeing increased queries from organisations keen to understand virtual assistant technology and witness firsthand the use cases and value that AI and chatbots deliver to organisations.

Sneak Peek: Watson Assistant with Salesforce & Zendesk

IBM Watson Assistant integration with Service Desk. How-to Guide for Integrating Watson Assistant with Salesforce and Zendesk.

Benchmark Testing of Snowflake using Tableau

Oswald Almeida investigates the performance of Snowflake on data sets of various sizes like TPCH_SF1 (6M rows) and TPCH_SF10 (60M rows) using Tableau.

Tableau 2020.3 Review: Top 5 New Additions

Tableau Software announced platform update 2020.3, enabling users to output to and update external databases directly from Tableau Prep Builder.

Introducing Tableau Metrics – 5 Great Functions in Tableau 2020.2

The top 5 functions in Tableau 2020.2, and how to best leverage the new Metrics capabilities for improved reporting. Even when on the go.

Tridant announces MEIO Solution: Efficiently Synchronise Inventory Replenishment in the Extended Supply Chain

Tridant announces multi-echelon inventory optimisation application to efficiently synchronise inventory replenishment in the extended supply chain.