Scale up or scale down with unlimited storage and/or computation as the business requires more or less capacity and resources over time
Cost Efficiency
Per second computation billing and per month storage billing means you only pay for what is actually used, resulting in fairer payments and better margins
Reinforced Security
Industry leading security specifications for the network, data, and user accessibility

What you'll gain from this free brochure...

The value of data is no longer being overlooked. Businesses of all shapes and sizes now know that data holds the key to making informed and better business decisions.

The ever increasing demand for data and access to information is driving businesses away from traditional on-premise data solutions towards more modern, scalable and cost-effective alternatives.

Will you make the switch to superior data management solutions?

In this free brochure, you'll learn:

  • How the Snowflake Xpress Migrator App can plan the architecture, security and networking aspects of your cloud solution
  • How to achieve consensus on plan, team & outcomes
  • Best practices for publishing & sharing data with business users
  • How to successfully assess your data
  • How to test data, connections & accessibility

Download this free brochure and take the next step in fast-tracking your data-transition to the cloud today

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