Migrate Unlimited amount of data with Xpress Migrator
Migration of unlimited tables of data from a relational, on-premise, data warehouse or database such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle into a cloud data warehouse or database such as Snowflake, Microsoft SQL Server or Azure Synapse
You only pay for what you use
With the Snowflake Xpress Migrator you can monitor Snowflake usage in terms of costs, storage, and more importantly compute resources being consumed by use case or by department.
Security and Reliability
Industry leading security specifications for the network, data, and user accessibility.

Powerful performance and guaranteed modernisation with continuous feature enhancement releases provide assurance to the business
Snowflake Xpress Migrator

Ready to Migrate and Unlock your Data’s Potential?

Snowflake’s Xpress Migrator is platform agnostic—meaning the expert team at Tridant can transition your business to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Google Cloud without complication.

At Tridant, we’ve tried, tested and mapped out the best route towards superior cloud data management solutions and now navigate this landscape with ease.

We’ve mastered Snowflake’s Xpress Migrator tool because we understand its value.

In 2018, it was found that Snowflake’s cloud services saved its users:

✅  $3.5 M in Legacy Storage Costs

✅  1.6 M Legacy Compute Costs Saved, Database Management & Capacity Savings

✅  Returned Investments in Less than 3 Months

But we didn’t need a study to tell us that.
We’ve seen it happen for our clients with our own eyes.

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Snowflake Xpress Migrator

Want the Crystal Ball Experience?

With insights like these, you’ll become the master of your business.

Tridant’s Snowflake Xpress Migration allows for the migration of unlimited tables of data from your existing on-premise database to a secure, organised and usable cloud system of your choosing.

Not only do we transition your data, but we also attribute and automate analytics, cleansing and loading rules designed to cut the wheat from the chaff.

What remains is highly accessible, interpretable and actionable data that encourages informed and winning business decisions.

Still unsure?

Our successful migration process has enabled our clients to smoothly transition their data from on-premise onto the cloud in under 10 days. Book in a demo with our consultants today to see how our successful framework can fast-track your data migration.

Our experts will be more than happy to discuss how the Snowflake Xpress Migrator has:

✅  Transitioned businesses safely to cloud-based data management, resulting in millions of dollars saved from legacy costs.

✅  Improved data security for every business that migrated.

✅  Skyrocketed business’s process efficiency, with accessible, interpretable and actionable data.

✅  Enabled businesses to scale up or scale down with unlimited storage and/or computation determined by capacity and resource requirements over time.

✅  Sustainable growth and powerful performance with continuous feature enhancement releases from the team at Snowflake and support from the experts at Tridant.

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