The Chief Data Officer is responsible for the enterprise-wide management and use of data as a strategic organisational asset.


Recent research confirms that more than 50% of all CDOs are being measured on impacts to organisational agility while more than 30%  are measured on profitability and revenue impacts.

Increasingly the task of acquiring and managing the capabilities needed to drive enterprise innovation, transformation and market-facing competitive advantage through the use of data and analytics is falling within the CDO’s remit.                                          
In order to achieve these outcomes, it is imperative that organisations are able to control the onslaught of data within their organisations, increase operational efficiency and impact business outcomes.

Tridant supports the CDO function by acting in the capacity of:

  • Data Integrators – designing and implementating a modern integrated internal data infrastructure that provides organisations the necessary latitude to innovate as opportunities arise. A strong data foundation enables agility and creates a defense against digital disruptors.
  • Business Optimisers – focusing on exploiting the established data foundation to make internal and customer-centric business processes as effective and efficient as possible, and at the same time laying the foundation for cognitive capabilities that can sense and respond to both individual customers and market forces.
  • Expanders of the organisation’s data ecosystem – including context-rich external data while maintaining the agility needed to spark innovation.
  • Market Innovators – expanding cognitive capabilities to become digital disruptors. Monetising data through new products, services or experiences while passing off non-core data and analytics competencies to ecosystem partners.